Church is more than a two-hour gathering on a Sunday.


As a church, we believe in celebrating what God is doing in people’s lives. That’s why we celebrate Baptism. What is Baptism? Baptism is an outward declaration of what God has done or is doing in a person’s life. We’ve got our next Baptism opportunity coming up, if you’ve never been baptized before then this is for you!

When: Tuesday, March 26th 6-8pm

Why Groups?

Church is not only a crowd gathered around a stage or in a cafeteria, but a community sharing life around a table. Groups are the primary way that we practice the way of Jesus, together, in South Orange County. They’re fun gatherings where we engage all of life - the journeys of relationships, singleness, marriage, parenting, and being a faithful presence in a community, plus we eat food together!

What is Rooted?

A 10-week course focused on walking through rhythms that will form and grow you as a disciple. Rooted will help you put into practice what Jesus did and discover your purpose and how it fits within God’s broader redemptive narrative.

Thousands of people have experienced Rooted, and we believe God continues to use it as a tool to bring life change and transformation to Orange County. Rooted is for people in every life stage, wherever they are in their faith journey. The weekly readings teach us what it means to be a disciple of Jesus by experiencing foundational elements of Christianity such as scripture, prayer, worship, generosity and service.

Groups open up again in april!

Give us your email and we will put you on the information list for the next round of groups starting again in April!