New Testament Reading Reflection Week 12

Written by: Cole Beshore

James Chapter 3

How can such a small thing make a big impact?  A single drop of dye can change the color of an entire pitcher of water. A single atom can cause a nuclear reaction. This week, in our reading, James reminds us that our words, though they often seem insignificant, can have a big impact! Our words can build someone up, but they can also tear them down! Others may not even need to be present to be hurt deeply by our words. We need to consider our words carefully. We all want to be people of blessing. One of the easiest ways to do that is to choose love and blessing in our words. Ask the Holy Spirit to use your words this week to bless and build up. 

Who can you encourage today?
In what situation coming up do you need to pay more attention to how you use your words?

Cole Beshore