New Testament Reading Reflection Week 8

Acts 26 

 In Acts 26, Paul is on trial before King Agrippa. When he begins to speak his defense, he states that he is being charged for having the hope “in the fulfillment of God’s promise made to our ancestors.” Paul is saying I have believed like they have, that God will keep his promise to restore all things. Paul has now had an encounter with this God in the person of Jesus who appeared to him on the road to Damascus when he was on his way to persecute the Christians. Paul was knocked down and then told to declare what he had witnessed to the whole world. Paul had a life changing encounter with the living God. He then asks the court this questions “why does it seem incredible to any of you that God can raise the dead?” (Acts 25:8) 

 Paul is challenging them. If you believe in the God that created all things, then why is it so hard to believe that he can do anything, including raise the dead? I love this question! Too often, I forget that God is all powerful. Sure, I know it intellectually, but when fear and worry set in, I begin to live like I have forgotten.  

What types of circumstances cause you to doubt God’s power?

Think of some of these areas where God seems to not be answering your prayer or not overcoming something as you might like. Take a moment to pray and ask God to reveal how He is working. Maybe, despite the current circumstance, you can show you are grateful that, in the end, He is Lord over all, including death. 

Cole Beshore