Acts 10 

As I read the story in Acts chapter 10, I am struck by how the early church reacts to God working amongst the Gentiles. We see both Peter's vision on top of Simon the tanner's roof and then the conversion of Cornelius and his household. The early church's reaction is resistance and then surprise!  It seems to me that Jesus is pretty clear about the mission while He is with them. Jesus not only says to them, at the end, “go to all nations” (Matthew 28 and elsewhere), but He also makes clear that, though he is going to the Jews first, God's good news is for all people! Even Jesus himself heals and visits the homes of non-Jews. Yet, when Peter first goes into a Gentile God-fearing home, it creates a stir and then they are awestruck by the report of the Holy Spirit coming upon them. As I reflect on their surprise, it reminds me that I might be more blind to my own biases than I think. This week, join me as I Pray “Lord, help me to see how you are working even with my own biases and unbelief” 

I love to read Acts, over and over, to be reminded that God is up to something always! It reminds me to keep my eyes open to see what he might be doing on my own street, workplace, or community.

Cole Beshore