New Testament Reading Reflection Week 4


Written by: Garrick Fieger

Conversion does not solely apply to mathematics

WOW! I remember when I was young and I learned what it meant to convert something. It was so cool! My brain hurt! Learning that we can be a part of active change! Here is what I learned.
Conversion is: Taking this thing, let’s call it ‘me’, and changing the way its formed, the way it acts and reacts, and making it become a different version (usually a more helpful version), which means the BEST VERSION of itself (I.E. me with coffee).

I was in 7th grade when I gave my life to Jesus. It was overwhelming. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself, but I knew it was time to change my actions and start becoming the best version of me: the version where Jesus is the Lord of my life (at the center).

This week in Acts 9 we see that Saul experiences conversion. But his was more intense than mine. Saul needed to completely change his identity. Not just who his friends were, or how he acted, but he needed to give up his profession! He needed to find a whole new job - actually, it is the inversion of his life-long passion: saving Christians, instead of killing them. He even changed his name to Paul! Meeting Jesus caused conversion in his life.

When we meet Jesus - when we experience His amazing goodness. It stops us in our tracks, makes us drop what we are doing, and surrender to Him. This isn’t a scary thing. This is the best thing! Because, when we surrender to Jesus, we are then able to experience conversion; becoming the best version of ourself because Jesus is at the center.

Think on this as you read Acts 9:

This week, where can you see Jesus making changes in your life; what does your experience of conversion feel like?

Cole Beshore