In Acts chapter ten we find Peter is on the roof praying, he is also hungry, at this time God speaks and calls him to what Peter would think is an unlikely place. God is sending Peter to bring GoodNews to a roman officer. When Peter arrives at this mans house, he asks “why have you sent for me” Peter must now listen and hear what God has been doing in this person's life. Peter would not have thought God wanted to do something in this man or his house and yet this is where Peter is sent and must begin with listening. Peter must listen to the holy spirit, and he must listen to this mans story. 

Where is God sending you to go and listen this week? Are you gathering with friends as we wrap up summer? Maybe as you head back to school and see people, you have not connected with in a while. I wonder, what might God do through us if we take some time to listen this week?

Cole Beshore