Life to the full!

If you have ever attended a memorial, it is often said “they lived a long full life.” But what does a full life mean? Have you found it? It is easy to fill our lives with stuff. We can fill our time, our days and therefore our lives with stuff. "Filling" our lives is no longer a difficult task; our culture reminds us that we should continuously be amused, entertained or busy. Does this equate to a full life?

Church planting is one of the most exciting things I have ever done. I am so filled with hope. Even in the frustrating moments, it is clear God is at work. It is fun to think about how God might truly reach these communities around us.

The Ranch is full of so much. It is a community that has been intentionally designed and is a fantastic place to live. But even with all it has to offer, it is missing something. It needs a church or more of the Church. The Ranch needs Jesus, and Jesus has sent His followers, His church. To be a part of God’s work is an exciting thing!

It is in opportunities like this, joining a church plant, where we get to experience the fullness of life in a new way. When we take a risk or choose a less comfortable path, we find ourselves living in faith. In moments of faith, we experience God's gift of living life to the fullest in unique ways (John 10:10). I think that when we say yes to what Jesus has invited us into, we have opportunities to experience this fullness in big or small ways. It is a wonderful adventure to be on, and I am grateful for it.

Cole Beshore