Don't flatline.

As we read the story of the church in Acts chapter 5, we see a that people clearly respond to what God is doing in their midst. There is also real resistance to the church. We are told that despite the high council’s warning against the disciples sharing about Jesus, the news quickly went throughout the city of Jerusalem. God continued to bless the church! and they continued to share.

As exciting as it must have been to be a part of the church in these early days, it was certainly not comfortable. There are moments of great highs where people are healed and those hearing about the healings are coming to believe in Jesus. There are also moments when people are afraid to be associated with them when leaders are tossed into jail or have their lives threatened.

It’s funny to me how resistant people (my self-included) can be to change or adventure, especially since it is in the midst of this that the best things seem to happen. Someone once pointed out to me that the only time that our life is steady and flat is when that little line on the heart monitor goes flat: you are dead. Life is full of tension, change, and adventure and this is a good thing! God is up to something in South Orange County! Though there are moments when things are not great, it is clear that God is at work and we can indeed celebrate that!

Cole Beshore